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Wouldn’t you though?

11 Mar 2016


I’m obsessed with stationery. I was never really a shoes or handbag girl, but slip me some coloured paperclips and talk 70gsm ivory gilt-edged paper to me and my heart will be racing. I appear to have passed this obsession onto my daughter who is umbilically attached to Smiggle (it’s like the stationery equivalent of crack?!) So you can imagine my sheer joy when I discovered Sloane Stationery a few months ago on Twitter. And of course I just had to share the love.


More affordable than Smythson but just as stylish, the range is fun and witty and includes slogan-embossed notebooks, diaries, pencils, notepads and gift sets, including these awesome ‘desk in a box’ sets (£119) which I think make a great present for loads of people I can think of who are tricky to buy for.deskinabox

Prices are soooo sensible (not often you hear that) softcover notebooks from £12.99, desk diaries £45, photo albums from £39, and these gorgeous visitor books are £59 – again, what a beautiful present they would make, don’t you agree?


And, even better, they have personalised options too! So you can design notebooks, albums, diaries and sketchbooks – choose your book; pick a colour; write your text and BOOM! Your ‘Muddy Cornwall Rocks My World’ notebook will be winging it’s way to your door mucho rapido. Now off you trot and get your fix. At those prices you can afford to stock up to the MAX!

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