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18 Apr 2016


Vinyl is cool again, it’s official! Breathe free, those of you Muddy gents who still fondle your record collections in the dark hours and massacre your garage mixes. No longer will you have to suffer the raised eyebrows of the teens who think an 12″ is some kind of pornographic benchmark. Did you know, fact fans, that a bonkers 48% per cent of UK vinyl sales in the last year were made to people who didn’t even use a turntable? Amazing really, but with record sleeves and special editions collectable once more, the humble record is becoming a wall-hanging trophy.

Double Album Frame 2_Fotor

Double Album Frame_Fotor


Clearly the musical stars have aligned. Not only have vinyl sales increased exponentially, but Record Store Day was on Saturday 16 April. And by a total fluke the Boutique has just started stocking these brilliant 7″ and 12″ record cover and vinyl frames. Ours is not to reason why for this moment of utter serendipity, but thank you galaxy – that’s Father’s Day, my teenager’s birthday and the vexing issue of what to do with my Now That’s What I Call Music 1 album sorted in one magnificent swoop.

Record cover and vinyl frame, from £15.99 (includes P&P)

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