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6 Oct 2016



If you’ve been reading about the Little Black Book on Twitter or various newsletters and have been wondering what the bejesus it’s all about, then this post is for you – I thought it was high time I give you the low-down on our exclusive, spangly, marvellous little (but growing) directory.

Since the yellow pages stopped thudding through our letterboxes in I-can’t-remember-when, Google has become the number one go-to place to find local businesses, pubs and restaurants. But, which site should you click on and who should you trust?

That’s where my Little Black Book saves the day. Having a recent facelift I’m envious about myself, the Little Black Book is your go-to place for entirely Cornwall-based personally vetted – before anything so much as puts a toe through the Muddy door – best businesses in the Duchy – whether you’re after a lunch recommendation or have a house emergency that only a handyman can fix.


With a fresh new design and new members joining up every week, it will be an invaluable resource, that’s also available on the move.

If you’re a Cornwall based business and want to be part of the growing Muddy club, just get in touch at So whether you’re looking for the best places, or you are the great places; here’s to getting Muddy together : ) chin chin x


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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Cornwall Edition