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9 Jan 2017

Hollywood’s awards season kicked off last night with the Golden Globes, celebrating the best in TV and movies. I don’t know about you but when I scan the lists of nominees and winners for these things (after I’ve gawped at the red carpet frocks), I make a mental list of cultural catch-up viewing. Too much brilliant stuff to watch, not enough time, so I’ve made it easy for us all – here are my top Golden Globes picks and where to find them.

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Get ready to blub! The John Lewis Christmas ad is out

11 Nov 2016

It’s easy to feel manipulated with the glut of carefully packaged Christmas TV ads that come our way through November and December, and lordy knows my own cynical gene is horrifically overdeveloped. But hats off to John Lewis, early deliverers of the Christmas message of ‘gifts for everyone’ – the company has delivered a clever, lighthearted TV campaign that has already spawned a number of inevitable parodies on you tube.

Yes it has the predictable hashtags ready and waiting to exploit any social media buzz, and I don’t doubt or a second that John Lewis has its range of cuddly toy boxer dogs, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and rabbits primed and ready to roll nationwide.

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Hurrah for gin (the muddy motto!)

14 Oct 2016

Well yes, as well as being the muddy motto, and the mantra of most of the reprobate parents I consider my besties, Katie Kirby’s Hurrah for Gin is a parenting blog worth its weight in, well gin. I shy away from mummy blogs generally: I’m far from ‘Capable Louise with her 50 clean and neat, neat and clean children’ and don’t need reminding I’m not up to scratch, but Katie has written a parent handbook that can drink others under the table.

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Trash or Treasure alert! Antiques Roadshow is coming to Trelissick!

1 Sep 2016

Scribble this date in your diary: 15 September – then get up in the loft and start rummaging. BBC One’s Antiques Roadshow is coming to the Duchy. Foxy Fiona and the team will be filming the valuation day at Trelissick House in Feock.

Now, even if this isn’t your cup of tea I’m sure you have a mum, dad, grandparent or friend who is a fan of the show and would love to go.

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#WhatIReallyReallyWant: empowering a new generation

5 Jul 2016

Just spotted this on twitter and wanted to share – Easy V (Mrs Beckham) and Mel C have endorsed a trending hashtag based on the 90’s Spice Girls hit Wannabe.

The hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant appears in video campaign featuring global female artists parodying the Spice Girls hit as part of The Global Goals movement to let world leaders know what what we really want for girls and women.

The Global Goals website says: “In 2015 world leaders promised to put girls and women first when they signed up to the Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, fix climate change and tackle inequalities.

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Want to work at Muddy?

28 Jun 2016


Eek. Muddy Cornwall is going champagne supernova baby! I’m looking for help with the commercial side of Muddy Stilettos Cornwall. Anyone with experience of media sales/commercial activity,wanting a flexible 10 hours a week, get in touch:

An intimate knowledge of the bottom of a champagne bottle not essential but an advantage! Its going to be absolutely fabulous darling!


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Wanna own instagram? Here’s how to cheat

21 May 2016


Photographer Mary Smith is a fan of natural light and natural shots, and her photos are stunning. So when Sarah over at Muddy Stilettos Berkshire got the chance to grab a coffee with her recently, she nabbed some top tips to elevate us mortals from random snapper to Insta-Goddess. Could this actually be the summer I get some good shots, rather than hacking people’s heads off?

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Kelly’s Cornish ad teaser

20 May 2016

Just a quicky to show you this brilliant quirky ad from Kelly’s of Cornwall- up for a muddy best producer award no less! The 30 second ad features a cheeky Cornish chap speaking Kernewek standing in a field overlooking the sea.  Although its a fun ad, there’s also a serious point being made about the important role of language in celebrating culture and heritage.

The ad will be first screened on Monday at 8.15pm during Britain’s Got Talent and will also appear later that night during an episode of Food Unwrapped on Channel 4 at 8.30pm.

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Eddie and Patsy are back sweetie darling!

3 May 2016

I’d heard that Ab Fab the movie was awash with star cameos (like 60-odd!) and immediately pictured horrifically self-referencing fashion types who were in it to validate their lives. Well, admittedly there are some of those, but who cares? Because unlike the fun vacuum of Pret a Porter or more recently Zoolander 2, Ab Fab looks very,very ravishingly funny. Blamed for a major incident with a fashion model at an uber fashionable launch party, they become entangled in a media storm and are relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi.

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