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28 Feb 2017

Tonight, I will be downing tools, turning off my phone, and commandeering the sofa, remote and wine from 9pm – 11pm as not one, but two, fantastic TV shows arrive on the small screen.

First up, at 9pm on BBC1 is The Replacement, a three-part thriller. Original Muddy Editor Hero was lucky enough to go to a preview screening of the first episode and, believe me, it is edge-of-your seat stuff.

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Get ready to blub! The John Lewis Christmas ad is out

11 Nov 2016

It’s easy to feel manipulated with the glut of carefully packaged Christmas TV ads that come our way through November and December, and lordy knows my own cynical gene is horrifically overdeveloped. But hats off to John Lewis, early deliverers of the Christmas message of ‘gifts for everyone’ – the company has delivered a clever, lighthearted TV campaign that has already spawned a number of inevitable parodies on you tube.

Yes it has the predictable hashtags ready and waiting to exploit any social media buzz, and I don’t doubt or a second that John Lewis has its range of cuddly toy boxer dogs, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and rabbits primed and ready to roll nationwide.

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My favourite places: actor Tristan Sturrock

3 Sep 2016

Unless you’ve been thrown in Bodmin Assizes for wrecking the past few months, you won’t need reminding that Poldark returns to BBC 1 this weekend.  Turns out Tristan Sturrock, who plays Zacky Martin (that’s him above), grew up a mile from Muddy Cornwall HQ on the edge of Bodmin Moor.

You’ll know Tristan from theatre (most recently in a touring production of Rebecca) and telly’s Doc Martin, Wycliffe, Bad Girls plus loads of radio work – he’s in a radio 4 thriller at the mo that Mr MC and I have on podcast – and this week he’s back in Cornwall filming Season 3 of Poldark.

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Kelly’s Cornish ad teaser

20 May 2016

Just a quicky to show you this brilliant quirky ad from Kelly’s of Cornwall- up for a muddy best producer award no less! The 30 second ad features a cheeky Cornish chap speaking Kernewek standing in a field overlooking the sea.  Although its a fun ad, there’s also a serious point being made about the important role of language in celebrating culture and heritage.

The ad will be first screened on Monday at 8.15pm during Britain’s Got Talent and will also appear later that night during an episode of Food Unwrapped on Channel 4 at 8.30pm.

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Sad news for topless scything fans: Poldark Season two wrap

15 Apr 2016

Its bad news for fans of topless scything this week, as Debbie Horsfield, who adapted Winston Graham’s novels for the screen has causally revealed that Aidan won’t be getting his shirt off in season two. I know. I’m putting on a brave face, but inside I’m crying.

Actually, Aidan himself hinted at this in an interview with earlier this year – describing season two in one single devastating word:

The reason for this atrocity is the Cornish weather (grr) – The first series was shot over the summer of 2014, and sadly for those of us panting at our flatscreens, season two filmed over the autumn/ winter and has only just wrapped up.

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Why I won’t be waiting for The Night Manager season 2

29 Mar 2016

Did you see it? Will Sunday nights ever be the same? The last episode of John le Carré’s The Night Manager aired last night: thrilling, breathstealing, bum clenchingly tense and emotionally draining. But, I’m going to be everso controversial – don’t shoot me till I’ve explained – I don’t want them to make a season 2. Atleast, not for a long time.

No, I’ve not been at the Easter sherry, but like a great love affair, It should end on a high – and apparently 6 million of us tuned in last night, which is quite a high.

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The new James Bond? Tom gets the muddy thumbs up

7 Mar 2016

Daniel Craig, it was nice knowing you and your itty bitty swimming trunks, but *sniff* I’m ready to move on. I’ve been quietly angsting about the new Bond because Mr Potato Head did a great job of playing a slightly thuggish, beefed up British spy, but whoo hoo! Looky looky at the lithesome figure of Tom Hiddleston who is currently steaming up the Muddy TV screen on a Sunday night in The Night Manager.

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