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20 Mar 2017

Having one of those days when ‘make dinner’ is just one of 8 million things on your to-do list? Totally run out of ideas? Yup, us too. So with frazzled, time-poor cooks in mind, here’s the first recipe in our new series of speedy weekday suppers.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be asking our favourite cooks to inspire us with an nifty new dish. Because there’s only so much pasta and pesto a girl can eat.

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Win The Toss With These 3 Decadent Pancake Recipes

22 Feb 2017

Who doesn’t love Pancake Day? In our house, we generally sack off the sensible dinner and spend the evening scoffing pancakes with a variety of classic toppings. But this year, it’s is going to be an even more decadent extravaganza, thanks to Nicky, of local street food business Proper Pancakes.

From her cool fifties trailer, Nicky serves up fluffy American-style pancakes, with a host of original and creative accompaniments (such a fun option for weddings and events). Here, she shares three of her favourite recipes — as well as a few expert tips to help you perfect your pancakes

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Blissful Spa Break: St Moritz Hotel

2 Feb 2017

A properly stylish yet child-friendly hotel is like the holy grail of family holidays and the St Moritz on Cornwall’s north coast strikes the perfect balance. A hotel with a pedigree, it opened its doors in the 1940s and has offered a blissful bolthole to everyone from politicians to poets to er, Muddy Editors since – even The Queen has visited, so I’m in very good company.

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Muddy tries new IonActive facial

23 Nov 2016

Its been an age since I caught up with Muddy award winning beauty salon Claire at Banburys in Launceston (blame island hoping, face stuffing and general slovenliness) and I heard a rumour that they were about to launch a new immediate results customisable facial – a countywide first no less! What what what? Well, the science bit goes like this: the  Dermatologica (thumbs up, great brand) IonActive facial combines ultrasound technology and gelloid massaging to address skin’s luminosity, smoothness and hydration levels.

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Muddy and the chocolate factory

19 Nov 2016

Here’s something for a rainy day – and you don’t even need a golden ticket! Kernow Chocolate in St Eval, near Wadebridge open their doors to the public every week.

While its not quite like going on a tour of Cadbury’s, they do have their own café and shop, and most importantly, a viewing window into the production area so visitors can watch chocolate being handmade by their team of Oompa Loompas.

After a cool tour with Andy (the man in charge), I left with an armful of booty to try – Macondo chocolate is their latest range and is a little bit different.

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Muddy tries: silent disco yoga

11 Nov 2016

You’ve maybe heard of silent raves or silent discos? Well here’s a first on the blogaroo – and a first for the South west – Muddy Stilettos awardwinners Jen and Stretch from Ocean Flow bring you silent disco yoga – like silent disco, but as as well as glow sticks and fluro face paint, there are yoga mats.

The guys have been busy since our awards bash in June – not only are they holding around 25 regular yoga classes a week, back in the summer they teamed up with Ant from Silent Disco (famed for his monthly discos at the Fitral Beach Bar) and after some brainstorming, brought us Cornwall’s first and only silent disco yoga – on Fistral beach.

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Join the muddy club!

6 Oct 2016


If you’ve been reading about the Little Black Book on Twitter or various newsletters and have been wondering what the bejesus it’s all about, then this post is for you – I thought it was high time I give you the low-down on our exclusive, spangly, marvellous little (but growing) directory.

Since the yellow pages stopped thudding through our letterboxes in I-can’t-remember-when, Google has become the number one go-to place to find local businesses, pubs and restaurants.

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5 hot tubs with stunning Cornish views

19 Sep 2016

The Danes have got it right, right? Alfresco bathing is not just a summer thing – they do it in the snow. I just got back from a business meeting in Aarhus that was conducted entirely in my editor’s beach home hot tub with seascapes rivalling ours here in Cornwall (well nearly). I’m thinking all meetings at Muddy HQ should be hot tub based – even with winter approaching, but while I get my accountant to confirm that’s a legitimate business expense (note to self – Cornwall self build and interiors show is next week), I’ll make do with these – five stunning locations with alfresco hot tubs.

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