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20 Mar 2017

Having one of those days when ‘make dinner’ is just one of 8 million things on your to-do list? Totally run out of ideas? Yup, us too. So with frazzled, time-poor cooks in mind, here’s the first recipe in our new series of speedy weekday suppers.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be asking our favourite cooks to inspire us with an nifty new dish. Because there’s only so much pasta and pesto a girl can eat.

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Win The Toss With These 3 Decadent Pancake Recipes

22 Feb 2017

Who doesn’t love Pancake Day? In our house, we generally sack off the sensible dinner and spend the evening scoffing pancakes with a variety of classic toppings. But this year, it’s is going to be an even more decadent extravaganza, thanks to Nicky, of local street food business Proper Pancakes.

From her cool fifties trailer, Nicky serves up fluffy American-style pancakes, with a host of original and creative accompaniments (such a fun option for weddings and events). Here, she shares three of her favourite recipes — as well as a few expert tips to help you perfect your pancakes

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Muddy and the chocolate factory

19 Nov 2016

Here’s something for a rainy day – and you don’t even need a golden ticket! Kernow Chocolate in St Eval, near Wadebridge open their doors to the public every week.

While its not quite like going on a tour of Cadbury’s, they do have their own café and shop, and most importantly, a viewing window into the production area so visitors can watch chocolate being handmade by their team of Oompa Loompas.

After a cool tour with Andy (the man in charge), I left with an armful of booty to try – Macondo chocolate is their latest range and is a little bit different.

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Cocktail time! Celebrate national afternoon tea week muddy style

9 Aug 2016

I discovered two things in quick succession this morning:

1) That is is officially National Afternoon Tea Week (to which my reaction was a bit, meh…)

2) That teatime can be cocktail time – because all the best artisan teas work brilliantly in a cocktail blend (to which my reaction was a bit, YEH..!)

This piece of insider information came to me courtesy of Francesca Booth, an irrepressible New Yorker (who has a bit of Italian heritage thrown into the mix for extra pizzazz) and trained patisserie chef.

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Muddy tries David Williams local asparagus dish

13 Jun 2016

When I was in Waitrose this week (borrowing flutes for the Muddy Awards, note) I noticed the packs and packs of supermodel flawless  (Wiltshire) Asparagus – which I’m sure was very good, but it reminded me I hadn’t posted about something alot more special – really local asparagus from right here in Cornwall.

In the middle of the Muddy finals I was treated to Nat Burch’s unique wibbly wobbly wonky but super sweet asparagus – same day picked fresh – at the newly refurbed Sea Side restaurant at the St Moritz Hotel & spa.

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Five cocktails for bank holiday BBQs

25 May 2016

I’ve got the gang descending on us in the next few weeks – and despite the on-again-off again weather we shall be partying like its summer no matter what. Time to dust off my little pink book of cocktails and pinch some ravishing recipes from some of my favourite mixologists. Happy to share the love here. Just keep the coyote ugly down a bit though – we’re far too old to be dancing on the bar.

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Muddy steals Emily Scott’s crab cake recipe

18 May 2016

One of the best bits about being Ms Muddy Stilettos Cornwall as I roll around the county reviewing pubs and restaurants, is meeting chefs and of course nobbling them into providing us with a fail safe recipe cheat or two.

Emily Scott needs no introduction around these parts – she’s a total Muddy food hero. If you’re from further afield and not familiar, she’s the chef-owner of St Tudy Inn – a gorgeous busy pub with a strong sense of seasonality on the edge of the moor.

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Ready to glow? Healthy eating tips from Madeline Shaw

2 Apr 2016

Had enough of stodge and sweating that summer is around the corner? If like me, you’ve over endulged over the last few weeks, this lady here, will straighten you out. Madeleine Shaw is a food blogger, cook and health coach, with a whopper 216k Instagram followers (yeah I’m channeling a bit of IG envy right there). The 26 year old author of cookbook Get the Glow has a new cook book Ready Steady Glow out on 7 April (more envy).

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Easter left overs pasty pleasure

28 Mar 2016

Did you try the muddy wine pairing with your roast yesterday? What did you think? Now. Hands up who has left overs? What really? Ok me too. Not in a 12 days of turkey kinda thing, but if you’re wondering what to do with the last of the roast, look no further. I’m no Nigella (my friends are doubled up at this point, grr) so fancy left over creations and painstaking gastro delights are 

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What’s on guide Thurs 3 – Wed 9 Mar

2 Mar 2016

Its a proper bonkers jam packed week with Bowie, Burlesque, Boden and Books to bamboozle you:

World Book Day, Thurs 3 Mar

Perfect curling up with a book weather this week if the bods at the Met get it right. Treat your self to a lovely new paperback and support your local indie bookshops by spending your vouchers at participating stores – its a win-win. See my curated list of the coolest here.

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