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Muddy best schools guide 3. St Petroc’s, Bude

26 Sep 2016

My grumpy teens are at secondary school now, so its been a few years since a prep school went under the Muddy Cornwall microscope. I spend a day at St Petroc’s School in Bude last week, nosing around, meeting staff, chatting to the kids and generally doing a bit of, well, ‘digging’. There’s a new(ish) head at the helm (two years done) and exciting changes going on left right and centre. Time to see what all the fuss is about.

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Muddy best schools guide 2: Truro High School for Girls

11 Aug 2016

A Muddy Cornwall first – a single sex school with boarding in the heart of the county. Actually, this is the ONLY independent single sex school in the county. If you have girls between two and 18, read on – you won’t be disappointed.


The setting: Truro High School for Girls was founded in 1880 by  Edward Benson (who went on to become Arch-Bish of Canterbury) educating just seven girls – his own and a few others.

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Muddy best schools guide 1: St Joseph’s, Launceston

29 Feb 2016

Here it is!  the first of the Muddy Cornwall best school reviews.

As an out of county family, we were totally clueless about the education provisions available in Cornwall. So I did what we all do – googled the school websites (mostly biased), looked to official sources (mostly subscription only) and trawled message boards (mostly arguing and snobbery). If I’d blindly followed their comments, I’d probably be home-schooling the mudlets. Believe me – with the patience of Lord Sugar and zero trigonometry skills that would be a super bad thing. 

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