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Christmas comes to Cotehele this weekend!

10 Nov 2016

Cotehele is my go to National Trust estate, because its right on my door step and there’s something for everyone, from the historic quay and river, miles of doggy walks, the water mill, vast well-kept grounds and the treasures of the house itself.

For those of you who haven’t been to Cotehele before or haven’t visited for a while, there’s a lovely barn restaurant for lunch at the top of the grounds (best for adults or well-behaved kids), a relaxed tea room on the quay and a shop and gallery.

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Garden tips for October

30 Sep 2016

Garden tips is back my green fingered friends, with mild liver disease and a tan only the Donald would be jealous of. No wait, that’s me! I’m embarrassed to say that I totally abandoned my garden this summer, in favour of weekends surfing and sunbathing and my grounds are in desperate need for some TLC.

Thank mother nature then for Richard Morton from Muddy favourite Trewidden Garden – here’s his tips for what we should be doing in October:

The leaves will be falling from the trees quite fast this time of year and it is a good idea to collect them up at regular intervals.

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Muddy beach walk Hannafore to St George’s Island

16 Sep 2016

I know I’ve set the bar high for wow factor walks – but I think you’ll agree I’ve out done myself (smugness overload) on this recommendation! How about a submarine walk from Hannafore in Looe to St George’s Island? Yes, I did say submarine. Ok, ok the only bit sous-la mer  is likely to be your knees (at the deepest points),  so you’re a shorty like me, welly boots aren’t going to make a jot of difference.

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Akaw! 5 cranking Cornish surf spots

19 Aug 2016

Hello! Muddy Cornwall applebottom here, just taking ma pink board for a splash! Waddaya mean that’s not me? Ok its a fair cop. So I don’t actually know the difference between a backside and a bombora; but whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just bitten by the bug at Boardmasters, we’ve got some of the best surfing beaches in the world on our doorstep, so what are you waiting for? Channel your inner Blue Crush and zip yourself into that oh so flattering wetsuit (sigh), and catch yourself the perfect wave on one of my top five.

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What’s on guide: Thurs 18 – Weds 24 Aug

17 Aug 2016

We’re on the holiday home run folks! Nevermind the Olympics – its a personal best for me managing it this far without mainlining a good gin.

So what’s on? Sailing, eating, den-making, rockpooling, loads of theatre too, plus our regular calendar of daily events (full calendar for the weeks ahead HERE) – search by category or by town.

Multiple day events are listed below (since they make my fabulous calendar messy), but I think you’ll want to know about them. 

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Muddy tries: six weeks of beach bootcamp

15 Aug 2016

So with the Olympics looming, I made myself a promise that this summer (just as soon as I stop mainlining Sauv) I’d swap my flip flops for trainers, waddle out there and finally get back in shape. I’d become semi-sedentary, I’m ashamed to say, even here in Cornwall. Being a journo is not a particularly physical, and coupled with those restaurant reviews I selflessly bring you, I was definitely not feeling beach bootylicious.

Imagine my joy when I came across the answer to my blancmange botty on East Looe beach. 

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5 fabulous: places to catch a falling star

8 Aug 2016

I’m channelling my inner geek here, and risking your ridicule, but my science boffin pals tell me the uber stunning Perseid meteor shower this week is not one to miss – and Cornwall is the best place to see it.  It’s a bumper one this year, with more sparkle than the Folly Mixtures and more than double the usual number of shooting stars expected at this annual event (maybe as many as 200 per hour).

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Muddy tries: Snorkelling with seals (squeak!)

31 Jul 2016

One of my new favourite places in the world is Par Beach on St Martin’s in the Isles of Scilly.  White sand to rival Malé, and home to Scilly Seal Snorkelling who run two adventure trips a day from a shack opposite Higher Town Quay. If you’ve been before – how dare you not tell me about it??? St Martin’s is just 30ish miles from the mainland. No passport required, just hop on a skybus, or the Scillonian and you’ll be there by lunchtime.

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5 pop-up outdoor cinemas you won’t want to miss

25 Jul 2016

As well as David Bowie in goblin king mode, my other weird teen crush was Roy Scheider. Well not R- Shy, but Chief Brody – sunglass-wearing-fish-out-of-water-badass-shark-catcher (in 70’s tennis shorts) ooh la la,  where am I going with this? Oh yes – date night. Mr MC and I  took in a popup open air screening of fishy horror fave Jaws at Tinside Lido in Plymouth last night. It was brilliant – the sounds and smells of the sea really adding to the jaw-dropping (sorry) jump scares.

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Muddy guide to the best summer festivals: 5 Leopallooza

24 Jul 2016

Leopallooza, Bude 29-30 July

Its strapline is ‘the greatest houseparty in a field’. Since its inception 10 years ago, Leopallooza has played host to hundreds of bands, DJs and artists, thousands and thousands of people, exotic foods, strong cider and the occasional bemused but hugely entertained squirrel.

Remaining true to its independent spirit, the festival has been built from the ground up (literally) by a group of 4 friends: Lee, Sam, Matt and Cai.

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Cornwall Edition