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5 brilliant ways to boost your child’s self esteem

29 Sep 2016

If you’re a regular Muddy reader you’ll know that I love to scoot along having fun and looking for the best things in life (happily they’re free – just ask Janet). But even I can’t sugar coat some subjects.

I have two school age mudlets myself, one just starting his dreaded GCSE’s so the current reading in the newspapers is pretty depressing. The average onset age for depression was 45 in the 1960s; today it’s 14.

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Akaw! 5 cranking Cornish surf spots

19 Aug 2016

Hello! Muddy Cornwall applebottom here, just taking ma pink board for a splash! Waddaya mean that’s not me? Ok its a fair cop. So I don’t actually know the difference between a backside and a bombora; but whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just bitten by the bug at Boardmasters, we’ve got some of the best surfing beaches in the world on our doorstep, so what are you waiting for? Channel your inner Blue Crush and zip yourself into that oh so flattering wetsuit (sigh), and catch yourself the perfect wave on one of my top five.

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What’s on guide: Thurs 18 – Weds 24 Aug

17 Aug 2016

We’re on the holiday home run folks! Nevermind the Olympics – its a personal best for me managing it this far without mainlining a good gin.

So what’s on? Sailing, eating, den-making, rockpooling, loads of theatre too, plus our regular calendar of daily events (full calendar for the weeks ahead HERE) – search by category or by town.

Multiple day events are listed below (since they make my fabulous calendar messy), but I think you’ll want to know about them. 

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Muddy gets locked in: escaping the Escape Rooms, Plymouth

15 Aug 2016

Don’t think bad of me too much, but I’m secretly counting down the days until term starts. My moody teens are proper fun sponges at times. So when trawling the interweb for things to keep them occupied (seriously, what happened to messing about by the river?), I came across the Escape Rooms in Plymouth. I’m well aware its over the Tamar, thanks, no need to write in. But its easily reached by road, rail, sea whatever, I think this is one day trip worth the potential nosebleed.

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