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Win dawn over St Ives Bay (well a pic, anyway)

30 Sep 2016

Loved by celebs (Spicy Emma Bunton and Sir Elton, none the less) and by us all here at Muddy HQ – how much more romantic can you get than a photo taken at sunrise on the day that changed your life? Meet The Day That, the Carbis Bay based creative company, specialising in extraordinary original photography to celebrate any special day in the most personalised of ways.

Founded by Gavan Goulder and inspired by the birth of a son to one of his close friends, creative Gavan took a beautiful photograph of that day and presented it to the proud parents in a frame inscribed with ‘6th April 2000, Teddy’s First Day.’

Word soon spread and several people asked Gavan to create unique gifts for them too.

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Muddy gets creative: Annie Sloan workshop at Stax, Saltash

1 Aug 2016

I’m a bit of a secret scavenger – I crush on retro mid century pieces and I love the idea of upcycling, but I am majorly put off by all that faff. (D.I.Y? *yawn*). There are several ‘found’ pieces cluttering up the garage crying out for a facelift (I heard that! No I’m not talking about me…) but, at the same time, the idea of sanding and priming wood is about as appealing as er watching paint dry – which is why they are still in the garage.

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Cornwall Edition