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Five islands, five days: Muddy visits Scilly

21 Dec 2016

I made the mistake of going on my summer holidays at the beginning of July before most of the schools broke out – I felt very smug at the time, but as I sit here shivering in my indoor hat (yes I have one) and my two pairs of socks, that seems an age ago and I am in dire need of something to look forward to.

If you’re needing some inspiration for 2017 too, voila mes braves, I’ve got it going on right here and you wont even need a passport.

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Muddy stays: The Chapel House, Penzance

23 Feb 2016

So, you know the feeling: You’ve got rid of the kids for the night and don’t want to waste the time stuck in the car for 5 hours finding somewhere special to stay. No problemo. Finding ourselves temporarily childless (trying not to gloat here), Mr MC and I headed off down the A30 and within the hour we were sipping G&Ts in one of our county’s greatest towns – Huzzah for Penzance!

We stayed at the Chapel House – one of Penzance’s newest and hot hot hotest B&B’s.

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