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Hurrah for gin (the muddy motto!)


Well yes, as well as being the muddy motto, and the mantra of most of the reprobate parents I consider my besties, Katie Kirby’s Hurrah for Gin is a parenting blog worth its weight in, well gin. I shy away from mummy blogs generally: I’m far from ‘Capable Louise with her 50 clean and neat, neat and clean children’ and don’t need reminding I’m not up to scratch, but Katie has written a parent handbook that can drink others under the table. It doesn’t point the finger, make you feel useless or even tell you how it should be done. Actually, it contains absolutely no useful advice what so ever. Nope, its more of a reassuring hug: honest anecdotes we can all relate too no matter how perfect we are – a friend (well one with kids, naturally, not one of those tutting ones that only invites you for coffee during school hours) telling you: YOU ARE NORMAL!


^ Credit: Katie Kirby

Parents everywhere of course know that CHILDREN ARE A GIFT (yes I am shouting again, how else to remind myself?), an expensive one though and like Katie says, one we all sometimes wish came with a receipt so we could exchange it, for say a shimmery top or a new pair of Louboutins. Joking! – don’t all dob me in! We love them always, but like them only most of the time, right?

This book is for you if, like me you silently scream rude words into the fridge, dread playing dollies and drink quite alot of wine. If you forget mufti day, frequently burn the fish-fingers and doubt yourself (when you don’t actually need to), but wouldn’t actually have it any other way.


^ Credit: Katie Kirby

Katie takes us on a journey from pregnancy and unsolicited bump fondling, to helpful chapters on life admin (shopping with kids, errands with kids, [insert activity here] with kids…) and starting school (mini fist pump for short daytime episodes of child-free-ness and signing permissions slips ‘ yes to all things, bar maiming’). There’s lots of stunning stick illustrations to ram the message home, incase you were in doubt.


^ Credit: Katie Kirby

Particular good advice is the ten step programme for dealing with kids while hungover – (number 1? play dead) blergh! A chapter that reminisces the days of reality TV binge-fests, big macs for breakfast and sleeping in till noon,  and ‘the seven stages of sleep deprivation’ (there’s actually 9, but all are on point) we can all relate to, no matter how lovely our kids might be.


^Credit: Katie Kirby

Adult humour and language flag wave – this book is not subtle: it tells it like it is, firmly tongue in cheek, but with lots of words ‘NSFW’, mug of gin in hand. Here’s to the madness of raising nippers!

Hurrah for Gin £8.99 all good bookshops from 6 Oct 2016

2 comments on “Hurrah for gin (the muddy motto!)”

  • Barbara Josey October 14, 2016

    Just downloaded ,looks hilarious, even though mine have flown the nest brings back memories . every mother can relate to these amusing tales of what’s really going on in the mind of most mums . Because it’s so funny you can forgive the language also loved the illustrations

  • Seren October 17, 2016

    Oh my God – this is my life! I love her site too – especially mums on the razz – hilarious. Hope to see more posts like this


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