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Muddy pub walks: Luxulyan Valley

IMG_3913If you like a bit of wow-factor on your walks, you’ll be pushed to find a place with more ooooh than the Luxulyan Valley between the villages of Luxulyan and St Blazey. No coastal views on this one, but history buffs will love it. This walk takes in ancient woodland and the stunning Treffry’s Viaduct. The viaduct also doubled as an aquaduct with a water channel under the railway track back in the day. But enough of the history lesson. Rest assured it has the usual Muddy Cornwall perils and, hurrah, a pub nearby.

We downloaded a great 5k circular walk from iwalk, though there are several routes marked on a map in the car park.

From the car park, follow the path between the granite posts to the Luxulyan Valley sign and then go up the steps on the left. At the top of the steps, turn right and follow the path along the leat to a footbridge.

Cross the footbridge on the left and follow the path up the bank to reach a track.

When you emerge onto the track, turn right and walk a short distance to a junction of tracks. This the a great place to take pics and explore the viaduct, since this route (I didn’t realise until we finished) doesn’t actually cross the viaduct which is a shame.

Turn left and follow the track away from the viaduct for about half a mile, passing over a wooden walkway and along a track bed with granite blocks. Continue for about 50 metres after the granite blocks end to where a path departs from the right towards a wooden fence.

IMG_3897Keep left to stay on the tramway and follow it past some ruined buildings and down the incline until you reach a junction of paths at a crossing over a leat.

IMG_3901Cross the leat to take the second path on the left. Follow the path, keeping the leat on your left, until you reach another junction of paths with a crossing over the leat.

Turn left over the bridge across the leat and follow the path uphill to reach a junction of paths at a sharp bend in the main path.


Keep right to follow the path around the sharp bend and continue through the woods until it eventually crosses a leat. You can only go right here as the path ahead was blocked by a fallen down tree.

Follow the path ahead leading downhill from the leat and continue until you reach a bend in front of a fenced-off mineshaft (with a “Danger Mineshaft” sign on a post) at a junction of paths. The sign was a bit hidden by greenery, so keep your eyes peeled. You need to turn right at the bend BEFORE the sign. Keep right to follow the path downhill. Continue to reach a flight of steps departing to the left at a wooden post.

At the post, keep right to stay on the path and follow it to reach a path departing from the right. Keep left to cross the railway bridge and reach a path departing to the left, immediately after the bridge.

Turn left after the bridge, onto the path leading downhill and follow it to the tramway. Bear right onto the tramway and follow it downhill until it ends in a line of posts followed by a flight of steps onto another track.

At the bottom of the steps, turn right and follow the track under a railway bridge to reach a bridge over the river.

Cross the river and follow the path past the clay driers on the left. Continue until you reach another bridge over the river. At this point youngest muddy lost the will to live. It does feel like longer than 3.3 miles at this point – obvs these are Cornish miles! A quick game of pooh sticks distracted him enough to keep going.

Cross the river and follow the path beneath the railway line to a fork in the path before another bridge over the river.

At the fork, bear right and follow the path uphill to a junction of paths. Bear left at the junction and follow the path beneath the viaduct and back to the car park. There’s a great rope swing under the viaduct here on the other side of the road

We did this walk at the crack of rude o’clock on a Sunday morning so no chance of refreshment. The Nearest pub though is The Kings Arms – from the car park drive North towards Luxulyan village – the pub is on your right, you can’t miss it. I’ve not been, but my spies tell me it is popular with walkers and offers something for all so do let me know if you check it out.

OS grid reference: SX051581

Kings Arms, Bridges, Luxulyan, PL30 5EF 01726 850202 


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