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Cocktail time! Celebrate national afternoon tea week muddy style

I discovered two things in quick succession this morning:

1) That is is officially National Afternoon Tea Week (to which my reaction was a bit, meh…)

2) That teatime can be cocktail time – because all the best artisan teas work brilliantly in a cocktail blend (to which my reaction was a bit, YEH..!)

This piece of insider information came to me courtesy of Francesca Booth, an irrepressible New Yorker (who has a bit of Italian heritage thrown into the mix for extra pizzazz) and trained patisserie chef. One day, Francesca was hit with this thought: Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a range of tea designed to pair with pastries, desserts and savoury courses – in the same way you’d pair a beautiful wine with each course? And (the beautifully branded) Dandylion Teas was born.


Will it be Martini or Kaluha with your morning tea, Madam?

Dandylion Teas are a range of luxury hand blended artisan teas – each with their own distinct flavour. And in that same vein, Francesca points out  sticking different flavours in different cocktails makes sense as tea contains subtle spice notes, as well as tannins (like wine), and delicate aromas.


But enough with the science bit, already! Let’s cut to the cocktails shall we?


Francesca says: ‘To create a cheeky cocktail; infuse your chosen tea blend to a freshly boiled simple sugar syrup for roughly 10 minutes and leave to cool. Then add your cooled infused tea syrup to your cocktail mixer of choice and enjoy. Add as little or as much tea as you like, depending on how strong a flavour you fancy. Here are my five Dandylion Teas favourites to get you inspired.’


Tastes great in: gin and tonic or gin and lemonade; mix with gin or equally fab in a mojito style cocktail mix with rum.


Tastes great in: a Martini; mix with vodka or equally fab in a gunfire cocktail mix with rum.


Tastes great in: a spritzer; mix with Prosecco, white or rosé wine.


Tastes great in: mulled wine, mix with red wine.


Tastes great in: short drinks; mix with rum or amaretto.


I guess its true: a good cuppa really does solve everything darling. Now excuse me while I make my morning brew





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