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6 Hot New Interiors Trends

Unless you’re a billionaire with a mega-yacht moored off the coast of Antigua (and if you are, wanna hang out?), Christmas forces you to spend time at home. And, unless you happened to invent the White Company, trust me, this enforced period of being housebound can be agony. It’s amazing the work you discover needs doing when you see your home from new angles, clearing up Christmas tree needles, retrieving toys from under the sofa that the kids are already bored of and from the floor where you’ve plonked yourself because the relatives won’t vacate the sofa. I’ve just driven myself bonkers these past few weeks seeing another job to do wherever I look.

So is it any wonder that many of us leap out of Yuletide and into the New Year declaring an interiors revolution on the home?

After being cooped up in it for so long, I’ve decided my living room is next in line for a revamp and so I popped along to Cornish Interiors, to get the lowdown on what’s going to be happening in our homes this year and a few ideas on how to achieve it myself.  Owner and brilliant interior designer Cathryn Bishop has worked all over the world, from Barbados to New York, sprucing up people’s homes.  Thanks to her inspired advice I’m now more clued up about what little tweaks I might make here and there.  I’ll be popping in to drool over your shop, below, again soon!

1.The future’s looking bright

Last year, the interiors world made small, tentative steps away from shades of grey, but this year arm yourself with a Pantone chart because colour schemes will be dialling it up a notch or three. For fans of words like ‘pretty’, ‘tranquil’ and ‘subtle’, pastel colours are sticking around this year, with the focus on soft dusky tones.

Designers will also wax lyrical about earthy colours like rose pinks and muted hazelnuts and lush, fertile shades of green.

Blue is about to have another moment too –  think denim and you’ll be bang on the money.  Plenty of choice, huh?

The most obvious way to add a splash of colour is with a paintbrush but if painting feels a bit permanent and scary, then fear not because furniture fabrics are going to get interesting too this year. When you’re planning, it’s worth knowing that if you opt for earthy colours with your furnishings against netural walls, you’ll add a sense of depth to your living space while bringing the outdoors inside.

Green (Pantone’s colour of the year) may feel like a bold paint colour but it’ll create a wintry Scandi backdrop for tan leathers, reindeer furs, brass lamps and natural linens.  Hygge party, anyone?

You could leave it there, but if you’re longing for a flash of colour, vivid shades like flame oranges and tropical pinks, which Pantone are also tipping to be hot  for 2017, work surprisingly well with earthy tones. Choose cushions and throws, carpets and vases to get the look on a post-Crimbo budget.

2. Feel it

This year our homes are going to get a whole lot more tactile, which is good for touchy-feely types. Think about ways to use natural materials like marble, terracotta, fur, wood and wool to add a bit of interest to a dull space.

And cork is officially bigger than something to pop on a Friday night; it’s a style gaining momentum and can be used to cover entire walls, or simply as a textural feature side table or stool. It’ll add warmth and is also ideal for absorbing noise in large, open-plan homes, so good for shouty types.

3. Mix and match

I love the word ‘eclectic’, but probably because I tend to misinterpret and abuse its meaning in my home.  But this year, it’s all about mixing things up:  period and modern, antique and contemporary; Nordic neutrals with splashes of colour; mixed up metals, anything goes.  Experimenting with new lighting is a great way to dip your toe into eclectic interiors. You can get away with industrial, rustic or glam shiny, polished metals all in one space.  Feast your eyes on this statement chair, which you’ll find in Cornish Interiors:

Photograph courtesy of Clash and Clash Photography, Plymouth

4. Be good to the planet

Photograph courtesy of Clash and Clash Photography, Plymouth

If it doesn’t say  ‘sustainable’, ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘British’  (even better, ‘Cornwall’), then it’s not worth having because this year, designs, designers and products that are kind to the environment will be big news.   Here at Muddy we might have mentioned once or twice that we love Tom Raffield’s mesmerising lights (above) and it turns out that Cathryn is too; now you know why.


5. Be a total (picture) Ledge

And exhale: it’s no longer compulsory to hang massive montages of photo’s all over the walls – it’s so stressful getting it right, isn’t it?!  This year, a simple picture ledge will do just nicely and give you the freedom to display art more interestingly.  It makes filling an empty wall a much easier task and opens up a whole load of decorating possibilities.  Go contemporary by layering different styles of art in differing sized and shaped frames while keeping the same colour ways; or alternate art with decorative accessories to mix it up a bit.

6. Be cosy

You can’t escape it at the moment: “Hygge’ (pronounced “hooga”) translates as cosiness but is more than that; it is an attitude to life and happiness that makes Denmark one of the happiest places to live.  In the interiors world ‘Hygge’ has settled in for the long haul, partly because of the ease and low cost of incorporating it into the home.  You can get cosy by chucking a few soft wool throws over the sofa, cuddling up with a furry hot water bottle and lighting a candle or two. Relaxed furniture and materials are following suit too, from deep sofas to oversized love seats, Icelandic sheepskins and chunky knit British wool rugs.  I’m off to put on my PJ’s.

I love a nose at other people’s homes.  Feed my obsession and show me a pic or two of your interiors over on instagram @MuddyCornwall.

Cornish Interiors, 9&10 Mills Bakery, Royal William Yard, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 3RP.  Tel: 01752 250033. 

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