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5 lifestyle apps that might change your life

Marie Kondo. How I love your concept, but with the best intentions, I’m just not going to be arsed taking pictures and tagging and cataloging all my clothes as a way of improving my life – especially as I file most of them in a crumped heap. Here are some apps that may not spark joy, but might just prevent melt downs (yours, his, theirs), motivate and even reward you with cake!



Alliop – aka ‘All In One Place’ is the local (indie) loyalty app launched in Truro at the end of September.

Magic powers: Clutter cutting and point scoring. It replaces all the local loyalty cards in your wallet – by that I mean that dog-earer coffee card you lost and the three bookshop cards you’ve never filled. Visit your favourite indie shops, outlets and eateries – even hairdressers and earn stamps on all your purchases to unlock rewards to spend with participating retailers.

The app alerts you to real time special deals via push notification or SMS and should you be passing, may even invite you in for cake (hellooo Emily’s cafe!). Win treats and goodie bags, money off your next bill, a bottle of plonk or a cocktail!

New businesses are joining all the time – since launch it has expanded into Fowey, Falmouth and St Ives. Use the ‘around me’ function to find new ones near you.

Get it: free to download from the app store or Google Play



img_4861One of my favourite foodie apps because it makes me look IN CONTROL (ha!) in the kitchen.

Magic powers: Face saving/ disaster mitigation. It helpfully suggests store cupboard alternates for hard to get or unusual ingredients the kids just remembered they need for cooking tomorrow. OK fine this morning. Just before school.

No more bundling up the brats and driving to the nearest quinoa supermarket to buy that one thing you’ve run out of (quinoa) while the rest of dinner burns. Tap for an alternative. If you’ve forgotten to buy the shiso your Japanese dinner party demands, sweat not – mint will do! Guests will never know.

The app also suggests substitutes for allergens, alcohol (err pardon??? that must be a bug), vegans, gluten-free, and even migraines.

Get it: £1.49 from the app store – optimized for ipad.

Foodies should also take a butch at Handpick which harvests foodporn from instagram and food blogs and plops them all in one handy recipe app.



After all that kitchen action, you’ll need Cakewalk.

Magic powers: Fitness motivation. For those of us that spend quite alot of time sat on our bottoms behind a screen. Nothing like a bit of public shaming to rouse a gal into exercise. Set a daily step goal. If you walk less than 50% of your daily step goal, Cakewalk will force you into a 24 hour challenge – something horrible like 300 steps in 3 mins. Fail that, and Cakewalk will start a little chat with you on twitter you might prefer was kept private. It will also berate you by text.  You’re welcome.

Get it: Free, but you’ll need to pay for skips – download here



We’ve all been there: the shopping trip cut short by grizzly ankle biters threatening to strip naked in the middle of a boutique – the shimmery top that caught our eye forgotten, mind on escaping before someone calls the police. Maybe you’re sans kids (pfff) and you’ve seen a poster for an artfair while hurrying to your next glamorous event but cant stop to absorb the deets. You need Nine.

Magic powers: Time/ sanity saving genius. This is a visual to do list so will satisfy list makers, with the convenience of phototagging. So next time they’re loudly letting you know they think shopping stinks, take a snap of what you were perusing, chose a category (to do, buy, read, watch etc), set a reminder and revisit it once they’ve gone to bed. I use it when I’m out and about Muddying – capturing new music, places to visit and cool things I don’t want to forget, but it works for every aspect of my life (dis)organization.

Get it: Download here.  Tis free!



Gone are the days when the kids would clean my car (inside and out) for a box of jaffa cakes. Now they’re only interested in cold hard cash. Trouble is, when they do a chore, I hardly ever have the cash on me at the time, so I forget and then the moment for rewarding them passes and they remind me I owe them a quid when they’re being horrible, or its 11pm, and it doesn’t quite have the right meaning behind it.

Magic powers: Money (and housework) management. This pocket money app lets your children keep track of their pennies, save towards goals and earn rewards, while you remain the Bank of SMother overlord – you can see what goes in and out of their account without making deposits.

So you can swipe all their bday dosh for your personal gin fund, and add it virtually to the app and then spend it for, sorry I mean with them when you’re out and about.

There’s also a ‘safe’ where they can lock money away if they don’t want to touch it – so the concept of saving properly and allowing spending on little things too are instilled.

You can give access to another adult and your little darling if they have their own device. They can set their own goals, learn the value of money and you get your housework done at less than minimum wage. Win Win.

Get it: available free on Amazon, the app store and Google Play.

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3 comments on “5 lifestyle apps that might change your life”

  • Babsie November 8, 2016

    These look really good I can use at least 5

  • Lindaa November 9, 2016

    I can totally relate to the ankle biter stripping naked in a boutique scenario!

    • louwhelan November 9, 2016

      Oh no poor you Lindaa – did anyone call the police?


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