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Wouldn’t you though?

Since having kids (who am I kidding, even before having kids) my summer swimwear of choice has been the tankini. The Volvo of swimwear – safe and predictable. Honestly though, a little piece of me dies inside every time I put it on. It screams ‘MIDDLE-AGED MIDRIFF ON BOARD!!!’ more than anything else in my wardrobe.

I haven’t totally given up hope of finding ‘the one’. Every summer without fail I begin the annual pilgrimage looking for the swimwear that’s going to transform me from WhoAteAllThePasties? to Heidi Klum. And every year, Mr MC tries to cut the shopping trip short with the same wise words of advice: ‘Buy the one you like! Who CARES if you have a tummy?!’

Ouch. Yes, I need to have a chat to him about his delivery, but nobody does care about my wobbly tummy or that I forgot to shave my legs – they are way too busy thinking about their own little foibles.

So, this year, I’ve decided I’m going to stop giving a toss, and buy what the hell I like.  And yay, I’ve found it in these gorgeous designs from Zennor Bikini.

Inspired by Cornish legend The Mermaid of Zennor, and her burning desire for adventure, all the swimwear is made in the UK and bang on trend with tan popping ocean inspired prints and simple designs.


For the perfect fit, the tops come in cup sizes. From bandeaus, to halters, string to onepiece, the super stretch lycra and flat seams help to prevent side boob or anything popping out to say hello. Needing a bit of extra booty coverage? Choose a design with rump enhancing runching. Tops and bottoms are sold separately, so whether you’re Kim Kardashian on the bottom and Keira Knightley up top (or vice versa) – you’ll get a size that fits. And if you’re Heidi Klum all over, then please *smiles sweetly* don’t stand too close to me at the poolside bar.

zennor bikini


Not only that, as a Brucey Bonus, most designs are reversible (inspired by years of travelling with a rucksack) – buying one means you technically have four – check out tan popping neon coral – the reverse of pineapple palms.

For the more adventurous among you, you cant beat this wanderer racer back designed with more extreme mermaid activities in mind.

action barby

See you in the surf x

Zennor Bikini

1 comment on “Wouldn’t you though?”

  • Lottie August 10, 2016

    Gorgeous designs, I’ll be placing an order very soon!


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