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Cornwall Edition

Akaw! 5 cranking Cornish surf spots

19 Aug 2016

Hello! Muddy Cornwall applebottom here, just taking ma pink board for a splash! Waddaya mean that’s not me? Ok its a fair cop. So I don’t actually know the difference between a backside and a bombora; but whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just bitten by the bug at Boardmasters, we’ve got some of the best surfing beaches in the world on our doorstep, so what are you waiting for? Channel your inner Blue Crush and zip yourself into that oh so flattering wetsuit (sigh), and catch yourself the perfect wave on one of my top five.

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Muddy gets locked in: escaping the Escape Rooms, Plymouth

15 Aug 2016

Don’t think bad of me too much, but I’m secretly counting down the days until term starts. My moody teens are proper fun sponges at times. So when trawling the interweb for things to keep them occupied (seriously, what happened to messing about by the river?), I came across the Escape Rooms in Plymouth. I’m well aware its over the Tamar, thanks, no need to write in. But its easily reached by road, rail, sea whatever, I think this is one day trip worth the potential nosebleed.

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Muddy tries: six weeks of beach bootcamp

15 Aug 2016

So with the Olympics looming, I made myself a promise that this summer (just as soon as I stop mainlining Sauv) I’d swap my flip flops for trainers, waddle out there and finally get back in shape. I’d become semi-sedentary, I’m ashamed to say, even here in Cornwall. Being a journo is not a particularly physical, and coupled with those restaurant reviews I selflessly bring you, I was definitely not feeling beach bootylicious.

Imagine my joy when I came across the answer to my blancmange botty on East Looe beach. 

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Muddy best schools guide 2: Truro High School for Girls

11 Aug 2016

A Muddy Cornwall first – a single sex school with boarding in the heart of the county. Actually, this is the ONLY independent single sex school in the county. If you have girls between two and 18, read on – you won’t be disappointed.


The setting: Truro High School for Girls was founded in 1880 by  Edward Benson (who went on to become Arch-Bish of Canterbury) educating just seven girls – his own and a few others.

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Cocktail time! Celebrate national afternoon tea week muddy style

9 Aug 2016

I discovered two things in quick succession this morning:

1) That is is officially National Afternoon Tea Week (to which my reaction was a bit, meh…)

2) That teatime can be cocktail time – because all the best artisan teas work brilliantly in a cocktail blend (to which my reaction was a bit, YEH..!)

This piece of insider information came to me courtesy of Francesca Booth, an irrepressible New Yorker (who has a bit of Italian heritage thrown into the mix for extra pizzazz) and trained patisserie chef.

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Muddy gets creative: floral fun with Twigs and Greens, Hayle

8 Aug 2016

Six years ago floral designer Jen from Twigs & Greens was working in marketing, but after moving to Cornwall from Leicester, decided to retrain at Duchy College. After just a year in business, she has her own shop, a full calendar of weddings to make magical and bagged herself the much envied Muddy award for super indie florist greatness.  She’s a designer with a very sought after recognisable rule breaking style.

When I heard she was willing to share a bit of her creative mastery, I put my name down for one of her workshops.

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5 fabulous: places to catch a falling star

8 Aug 2016
bedruthan sky

I’m channelling my inner geek here, and risking your ridicule, but my science boffin pals tell me the uber stunning Perseid meteor shower this week is not one to miss – and Cornwall is the best place to see it.  It’s a bumper one this year, with more sparkle than the Folly Mixtures and more than double the usual number of shooting stars expected at this annual event (maybe as many as 200 per hour).

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Muddy eats: Hubbox, Truro

5 Aug 2016

I’ve had my beady little eye on Hubbox in Truro since they were nominated best casual dining in the Muddy Awards. Sadly, and now I’ve seen for myself, maybe unjustly so, they didn’t make the finals (hey competition was really stiff). I thought I’d try them out with a view to include them in a child friendly places to eat type feature, but was so impressed I think they deserve their own shout out…

Those of you who live or work in Truro will no doubt be familiar with them, but for thems that don’t (moi!) bit of backstory for you:  so Hubbox 1.0 was born in a container on the Lemon Quay in Truro.

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Cornwall Edition