The Urban Guide to the Countryside
Cornwall Edition

Win dawn over St Ives Bay (well a pic, anyway)

30 Sep 2016

Loved by celebs (Spicy Emma Bunton and Sir Elton, none the less) and by us all here at Muddy HQ – how much more romantic can you get than a photo taken at sunrise on the day that changed your life? Meet The Day That, the Carbis Bay based creative company, specialising in extraordinary original photography to celebrate any special day in the most personalised of ways.

Founded by Gavan Goulder and inspired by the birth of a son to one of his close friends, creative Gavan took a beautiful photograph of that day and presented it to the proud parents in a frame inscribed with ‘6th April 2000, Teddy’s First Day.’

Word soon spread and several people asked Gavan to create unique gifts for them too.

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Garden tips for October

30 Sep 2016

Garden tips is back my green fingered friends, with mild liver disease and a tan only the Donald would be jealous of. No wait, that’s me! I’m embarrassed to say that I totally abandoned my garden this summer, in favour of weekends surfing and sunbathing and my grounds are in desperate need for some TLC.

Thank mother nature then for Richard Morton from Muddy favourite Trewidden Garden – here’s his tips for what we should be doing in October:

The leaves will be falling from the trees quite fast this time of year and it is a good idea to collect them up at regular intervals.

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5 brilliant ways to boost your child’s self esteem

29 Sep 2016

If you’re a regular Muddy reader you’ll know that I love to scoot along having fun and looking for the best things in life (happily they’re free – just ask Janet). But even I can’t sugar coat some subjects.

I have two school age mudlets myself, one just starting his dreaded GCSE’s so the current reading in the newspapers is pretty depressing. The average onset age for depression was 45 in the 1960s; today it’s 14.

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Muddy gets spooked! My Bodmin jailbird overnighter

28 Sep 2016

I’m the one in the Muddy household relegated to spider catching and burglar scaring (I fought off next door’s thieving goat once) and since horror is my favourite film genre, I think I’m qualified as brave enough for a stay over night in Britain’s most haunted jail, non? When the chance arose, I grabbed my EMF detector quicker than you can say Derek Acora. If you’re into the supernatural, a history buff, or just a braggadocio like moi, Bodmin Jail’s spooky After Dark Experience is one Cornish attraction for your (muddy) bucket list.

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Muddy beach walk Hannafore to St George’s Island

16 Sep 2016
IMG_3407 (Edited)

I know I’ve set the bar high for wow factor walks – but I think you’ll agree I’ve out done myself (smugness overload) on this recommendation! How about a submarine walk from Hannafore in Looe to St George’s Island? Yes, I did say submarine. Ok, ok the only bit sous-la mer  is likely to be your knees (at the deepest points),  so you’re a shorty like me, welly boots aren’t going to make a jot of difference.

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Why Little Orchard Cider and Music fest is a must this weekend

10 Sep 2016

Ok, this review is super-quick, because you have approximately three hours to pack the car up, grab the kids (or dump them on granny) and get yourselves to Pencarrow to enjoy the weekend at the Little Orchard Cider and Music Festival.  Here’s are my highlights of last night, and five reasons why I think this is a festy worth your time:

Family friendly

If you do bring the ankle biters with you, thumbs up – this is one of the cleanest festivals I’ve ever taken the kids to – look no mud!

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Hot looks to make your tan pop

8 Sep 2016

Bar a fantastic few days in the Scilly, the tan I’ve nurtured this year is entirely home grown – I’ve spent much of the summer skyving er I mean researching the best bits of our county and that means hitting the road/ beach/ moors to bring you the delights of the Duchy. And I’m not ready to let go of it yet. So, stop with the #autumn hastags please! Here’s my handpicked guide for hanging on to summer’s last call …

  1. Cheeky leopard espadrilles, because summer is a state of mind right?
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What’s on: Thurs 8 – Weds 14 Sept

8 Sep 2016

Survived the first week back at school? Pat you’re self on the back and celebrate with a huge glass of wine. Sorry I mean at one of loads of events this week – more Poldark, alot of cider, food, and new seasons interiors styling, festivals, and loads of theatre too, plus our regular calendar of daily events (full calendar for the weeks ahead HERE) – search by category or by town.

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Cornwall Edition