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10 Horror films you must watch this Hallowe’en

21 Oct 2016

Tis not really Hallowe’en unless you’ve scared yourself silly watching a scary movie, right? Grab a pillow to hide behind! Here’s our choice of horror films we should all watch at least once – but probably not alone.

The Exorcist (1973)

A possessed child is always a good starting point for creating a jump-out-of-your-seat horror film. The movie is loosely based on the exorcism of Roland Doe in the 1940s.

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15% Winser London for Muddy readers!!!

20 Oct 2016

It feels like forever since I’ve been excited about a fashion brand, so it feels good to have a little sashay down Designer Avenue with Winser London. Hero Brown, the Muddy founder and editor over in Bucks/Oxon put me onto this brand and even though it’s only been around since 2013, primarily as an online-based brand, Winser London has already made a big splash nationally. And there are now pop up shops around the UK, plus concessions in John Lewis and Harvey Nics.

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Halloween props to spook out your ghoulish guests

19 Oct 2016
Design by Hannah Schmitt

Getting in the Halloween mood? If you’re partying this season get ready to thrill with these spooky centrepieces and accessories all available online.

  1. There’s a touch of the night about this deluxe phone case, £41.75 from the Muddy Boutique 
  2. This Mexican Day of the Dead inspired Sugar Skull ring, £35, from Tatty Devine is also available as cufflinks.
  3. Caramel goo-filled chocolate eyeballs are £4.99, from Montezuma’s, who also have skull shaped chocolate and vegan halloween treats.
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We have a winner!

17 Oct 2016

You entered in your droves for the chance to win an amazing stay for two, with dinner, worth £1,000 at beautiful, historic Thornbury Castle and who can blame you? A chance to ditch the kids, ramp up the romance and make your escape – it’s almost enough to make you lose your head in all the excitement!

So, who will be laying their weary head here?


Drumroll please…


It’s Claire Williams

CONGRATULATIONS Claire, we’re getting in touch.

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Hurrah for gin (the muddy motto!)

14 Oct 2016

Well yes, as well as being the muddy motto, and the mantra of most of the reprobate parents I consider my besties, Katie Kirby’s Hurrah for Gin is a parenting blog worth its weight in, well gin. I shy away from mummy blogs generally: I’m far from ‘Capable Louise with her 50 clean and neat, neat and clean children’ and don’t need reminding I’m not up to scratch, but Katie has written a parent handbook that can drink others under the table.

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Why it’s totally OK to be *lazy*

7 Oct 2016

Laurence Shorter is an author, leadership coach and stand-up comedian and his latest book, The Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life (Orion Books, £14.99) is a charming and lighthearted look at a serious problem. We are all on the hamster wheel and it seems to be getting faster, so how do we stop? Is it really possible to achieve more by doing less, and be happier for it? Muddy Berkshire ed Sarah pummelled laziness expert Laurence for the answers when she caught up with him recently.

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Join the muddy club!

6 Oct 2016


If you’ve been reading about the Little Black Book on Twitter or various newsletters and have been wondering what the bejesus it’s all about, then this post is for you – I thought it was high time I give you the low-down on our exclusive, spangly, marvellous little (but growing) directory.

Since the yellow pages stopped thudding through our letterboxes in I-can’t-remember-when, Google has become the number one go-to place to find local businesses, pubs and restaurants.

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My favourite places: photographer Snapshot Shirley

3 Oct 2016

I’ve been bumping into artist and photographer Emma Wilson, and Shirley – her converted Subaru Samba photo van at loads of events over the summer. The Falmouth Uni alumni works with vulnerable communities and noticed that her art therapy based makeshift videobooths were not only non-threatening environments for her clients, they were popular and fun too. From that seed, Shirley the photobooth van was born.  She certainly gets around a bit! You’ll find Shirley rocking up at parties, weddings, schools, colleges the length and breadth of our county, so I think she’s ultra qualified to guide us to some special spots.

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